Heart Consulting, LLC


Support, Advocacy, and Education.

Services Offered


1:1 Education and advocacy

Too often, people with disabilities are left out of important conversations that can help ensure safety in intimate-partner relationships. At HEART, we provide 1:1 education and support, and can provide additional advocacy including attending SANE exams, being an advocate at court hearings, providing resources, collaborating with team members, and other services based on each client’s needs.

1:1 Counseling Services

Ellen Merker currently holds a Professional Counseling Training License, and provides counseling services to individuals with both physical and developmental disabilities. Focus areas include relationships, gendered violence, LGBTQ, stress and anxiety, and others. We are currently able to accept Medicaid for counseling services, and they are offered in our office on the East side of Madison starting in January 2019.

Support and Educational groups

HEART also provides both support and educational groups for people with disabilities around safe and healthy relationships.

Groups are funded by grants and start when enough interest is generated.  Please contact us to find out if a group is scheduled to begin, or to let us know you are interested.

Community outreach

We are happy to provide specialized training or presentations to organizations, schools, community groups, families, or anyone else who feels they could use more education around sexual and domestic violence against people with disabilities.


Presentation and training topics could include assertiveness, online safety, power and control, defining relationships, sexual assault and consent, sexual health and anatomy, intimate partner violence, workplace sexual harassment, supporting healthy relationships for clients, and more.  Have a specific training in mind that’s not listed?  We are happy to create a presentation or training that addresses your organization’s specific needs.

Contact us to discuss topics, pricing, and scheduling trainings or presentations

Funding: We are currently set up with all FEA's in IRIS, Care Wisconsin, Dane County Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Dane County Children's System.  We are also able to accept private pay.  Stay tuned for updates on funding available!

We work primarily in Dane County.  If you are outside of Dane, feel free to contact us to discuss if it's possible to provide services in your area. If we get enough interest in other areas, we will consider expanding.